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Subscribe For Free And Sync With Your Personal Calendar

Subscribing to the Calzone calendar means that users can receive updates to their personal calendars automatically. Calzone supports the iCalendar protocol used by all popular calendars, including: Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.

Here is how you can use Calzone to track the new gTLDs:

You can choose to subscribe to all events, a single milestone, category or IDN type.

The complete list of subscription options is shown below. subSubscription options are indicated by the green plus signsub


  • Everythingsub
  • Delegationsub
  • Agreementssub
  • Start-up Planssub
  • Sunrise Periodsub
  • Limited Periodsub
  • General Availabilitysub
  • EOI Programsub
  • Founders Programsub
  • Auctionssub
  • News & Eventssub
  • TLD Categories

  • Dot Brandsub
  • Commercesub
  • Culturesub
  • Educationsub
  • Entitysub
  • Food & Drinksub
  • Geo Namessub
  • Governmentsub
  • Healthsub
  • Industrysub
  • Lifestylesub
  • Mediasub
  • Professionalsub
  • Real Estatesub
  • Sportssub
  • Technologysub
  • Travelsub
  • IDN TLDs

  • All IDN'ssub
  • Arabicsub
  • Asciisub
  • Cyrillicsub
  • Devanagarisub
  • Hangulsub
  • Hanisub
  • Hanssub
  • Hantsub
  • Hebrewsub
  • Japanesesub
  • Katakanasub
  • Latinsub
  • Thaisub

  • Individual Events

    If you are interested in tracking just a few specific events, then you should be using the "Add To My Calendar" feature (See Tips)

    Not sure where to start?

    If you don't want to miss anything, subscribe to Everythingsub

    For a more limited view, subscribe to Start-up Planssub and you will receive a calendar or email alert whenever a TLD's mandatory Start-up Plan is published.